City Creek Center Salt Lake City, UT

Clients City Creek Reserve, Inc. Property Reserve, Inc. Taubman Company ZGF, FFKR, H+B
Size    4.6 Million + SF
Completed March 22, 2012
Services Fire Protection, Life Safety, Accessibility Consultation


Project Summary

  • 5 levels subterranean parking over two city blocks -2.2 Million SF
  • Renovation/connection to existing Main Street garage (4 levels subterranean)
  • 3 residential towers 35-40 stories - 820K SF
  • 2 residential towers 10-12 stories - 207K SF
  • office tower 10 stories - 76K SF
  • 1 residential tower above retail 7 stories - 167K SF
  • Retail leasable area - 2 stories Block 76, 3 stories (plus a mechanical level) on Block 75, department stores, food court - 913K SF
  • Retail common areas - 233k SF
  • Key Bank Tower renovation of 7 levels
  • Deseret Trust Building - historic building renovation
  • Temple View Center - existing building renovations
  • Eagle Gate Tower - existing building renovation

CCI was fully involved at all levels of a code standpoint and discussed more than 150 code clarifications and alternates with the City of Salt Lake City. The project's fire protection and life safety challenges and solutions included:

1.      Unrated, noncombustible construction and no fire rating/doors required where the pedestrian bridge connected the two buildings: Block 76 retail and Block 75 retail.

2.      Exposed unrated, noncombustible steel structure for the Wintergarden and retail balconies.

3.      Unrated retail retractable skylight roof and elimination of fire sprinklers.

4.      No fire walls on below grade garage levels even with property lines extending from grade through the garage.

5.      Eliminated pressurized stairs from garage only stairs.

6.      Phased occupancy assistance early-on to ensure that system installation works with the needed inspections to obtain early occupancy of garage portions.

7.      Elimination of portable fire extinguisher distribution throughout all levels of the parking garage.

8.      Eliminated large, costly fire dampers in generator room rated walls.